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Copy Paper A4 - A3, 70, 75 & 80GSM
Customer service 24/7: +86 555 2826 368
About Us
SHANYING PAPER SRL is specialized in Exercise
Book Line Machines, A4 copy paper, A3, A5
colour, pulp, tissue & print papers. Our
Company has more than 300 staffs & covers an
area of nearly 10,000 square meters total.
Our Business
SHANYING PAPER SRL customizes copy,
tissue & pulp papers. Wholesale A3, A4, A5,
Print Copy, Tissue & Pulp Papers. Our
customer from North America, Europe,
Australia, South Korea, Japan, African and
Our Guarantee
We do everything in our power to make
sure that each order meets our high
standards of quality, competitive pricing,
and quick delivery time, and our
cooperation will be your best choice.
Paper 70 to 100 gsm:
A general and common paper
weight, most common uses are
general printer and copier paper.
Paper 100 to 140 gsm:
A better quality paper, usually
available with a wove or textured
effect, will work well in most
projects from letterheads to insert
A3 Paper - 297mm x 420mm:
A3 paper is an international standard cut
to 297 mm x 420 mm and is twice the size
of A4.
A4 Paper - 210mm x 297mm:
A4 paper is an international standard
cut to 210 mm x 297 mm and is half of
A3. Generally is use for copy paper.
A5 Paper - 148.5mm x 210mm:
A5 paper is an international standard,
cut to 148.5mm x 210mm and is half the
size of A4.
Paper Grammages & Size
SHANYING PAPER SRL is one of the large industrial papermaking enterprises and extra-
large packaging board manufacturers in China.

In 2001, the Company was successfully listed on Shanghai Stock Exchange (stock
abbreviation: Shanying Paper Industry; stock code:600567). In 2013, the Company was
restructured with Ji’an Group Co., Ltd., realizing great-leap-forward development
through powerful combination.
No.3, Qinjian Road, Maanshan, China.
Tel: +86 555 2826 368
Skype: shanyingpaper